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I make people recognize their faults, and work with them to achieve their dreams for their business.


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Short Info About Conor Treacy

Many people know me through my previous business, Hands-on Web Hosting, in which I was a Partner and CEO. Having operated the business from Jan 1999 through December 2013, the company was sold at the start of 2014.

Since that time, I’ve worked with my wife building Big Red SEO, an Online Marketing company based in Omaha Nebraska

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Lets get down to business!

PHP, Programming, Web Design and WordPress

Something you’ll notice quickly is that unlike other programmers, I generally don’t showcase past work or designs. The main reason for this is that I’m under contracts and Non Disclosure Agreements on behalf of other programmers. As a result, I’m limited on what designs I can show off.

I started designing and programming websites in the mid-1990’s. I’ve worked on several hundred, maybe even thousands of websites as a result. While I’ve not designed thousands of websites, the numbers really pile up when I take into account the modifications or troubleshooting that I’ve performed for clients.

WordPress Programming and WordPress Plugins are areas that I cover in the blog regularly. Much of it revolves around exploits, updates or modification. Tips and Tricks that I showcase and help other designers with.

PHP is what I work in daily. Whether I’m posting on blogs, programming for clients, or researching marketing, I’m usually involved in research online!

Not Just Programming, but Personal Stuff Too!

Programming is not everything that I’m about. I’m a big Cigar and Whiskey aficionado! (hence the header image)

In this website, I’ll also be posting about my own work habits, softwares, opinions and personal goals.

There are many things I want to do – kayak down the Missouri River, sail across the Atlantic Ocean, and more.

Somewhere in this website, there’ll be tucked away task lists and logs regarding my adventures as I prepare for these upcoming trips.

There’s rants, there’s marketing advice, there’s success stories. There’s a little bit of everything at

Before You Go Further, I Have a tendency to Swear!

If you’re sensitive about words, and care more about feelings than getting work done, it’s probably best to leave the website now.

I’m not a “yes man”. I really don’t have time to coddle people and pat them on the back. I don’t sugar coat issues or results.

My job is to program, design and build awesome WordPress websites. I’m also heavily involved in marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

If you have questions, I have answers. I’m passionate about what I do, and as a result, I remove all filters.

I swear. I curse. I laugh. I produce!

I’m sure some would say that I swear too much, but I’m not around to hear them, so what the fuck do I know.

It's not that difficult!