Conor Treacy

About Conor

About Conor

This is the short version of who I am, and why I’m good at what I do. Yes that sounds cocky, but when I’m good at what I do, I’m perfectly fine to be cocky about it.

With that said, I also know my limits and know when to say “I don’t know.”

So, here’s the short run down – in 3rd person ūüôā


Based in Omaha Nebraska, a native of Ireland and a former resident of both Southern California and Northern California, Conor now lives and works in Omaha with his wife where they both spend their days doing what they love – Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Conor owned a web hosting company for nearly 17 years and sold it at the start of 2014. Everyone has a magic number in business, and Conor had one too!  As a result, he exited out of the web hosting business and threw himself full time into programming and online marketing.

If you have questions about online marketing, and want to speak to an Omaha SEO Consultant, please contact either Conor or Kim (his wife) via

What Does Conor Enjoy Doing?

One of the areas that Conor is proud of is that he is not defined by his job.

Whether it’s playing golf, smoking cigars, riding motorbikes or speaking engagements, the one thing that people take away from his interaction is the free caring, no bullshit attitude. ¬†He’s the kind of person that has never really met a stranger. He talks to everyone, and listens to their stories.

Stories are one of the items that Conor enjoys collecting.  Everyone has a story, and he wants to hear it!

Your Liason & Translator – From Tech to Normal

There’s nothing worse than talking to a programmer and not having a clue what they’re saying. It’s almost as bad as talking to a mechanic!

But fear not, you have an ace up your sleeve. ¬†Conor is one of the few programmers that can hold regular conversations with people and can explain things in plain English. When an analogy is needed, he’s quick to come up with one, and usually within your industry!

A recent explanation to someone on how the internet & web hosting works, led to a conversation regarding Interstate 80, a GPS unit, a Rand McNally map, and a landlord. By the end of the 2-3 minute conversation, the person had a clear understanding of how the internet and web hosting and web designers all work together.