WordPress Web Designer

If you didn’t already know it, I’m telling you now, this website is powered by WordPress!

WordPress is one of the most popular Content Management Systems on the internet, and currently powers more than 1 Billion Website, 27% of all websites on the internet.  When it comes to how popular it is, the next most popular system is Joomla and that powers about 6% of the internet.

I’ve been involved in WordPress since the very beginning (back in 2003). Prior to WordPress, I was involved with other development platforms and of course HTML starting back in the mid 1990’s, and prior to the internet becomming popular, I was involved with Bulletin Board Systems (I owned one of the very popular systems in Southern California).

Other Web Designers Can’t Claim This!

I’m in the very unique position of not only being a web developer, but I also owned a web hosting company.  I’m not talking about the various people today that say “I offer web hosting”, I was the host that they rented from. 🙂

After operating it for 17 years, I sold the hosting company to concentrate full time on development and my wife’s SEO Company (www.bigredseo.com).  Before I sold the hosting company, we had more than 400 servers.

So unlike other programmers, I know what’s it like from the server level. This is critical when it comes to troubleshooting issues and knowing were to push the limits.